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Feel the WNE Spirit - Events for Admitted Students!

Feel the WNE Spirit In Our Classrooms

Honors Program 101 Virtual Panel
Have you been invited to join the Honors Program, but you're still wondering what it's all about? "What will the course load be like? Do I have to take extra classes? Should I live in Honors housing? College is supposed to be hard as it is, will the Honors Program be too much?" These questions are normal! Tune into this student and faculty led virtual program to have all of these questions answered and more. Register here!

Jump Into The Classroom
As an accepted student, you are invited to attend one of our classes virtually to see what it is like to be a true Western New England University student. We hope you will feel part of the Golden Bear family after participating in the classroom experience. Register here!

Student Support Virtual Panel
We want every student to be successful and engaged in their classes – and that is why we offer a variety of resources to support you academically. During this panel, you will learn about our First Year Program, the Vanech Family University Advising Center, the Academic Success Center, and Student Accessibility Services; and hear firsthand from students who have benefitted from these services. Register here!

Virtual Academic Overview & Live Chats
Join us virtually to hear from our faculty and students about the academic program you are interested in studying. These overviews will provide you with an opportunity to learn more about the major, the internships opportunities, our job placements and to ask all of your questions. Join us!

Feel the WNE Spirit In Our Value

Financial Aid Phone Appointment
At Western New England University, we take a personalized approach to everything we do. Feel the WNE Sprit in our Value by discussing your own financial circumstances and options with one of our financial aid counselors. No matter where you are in your financial aid process - from trying to navigate FAFSA to understanding your individual package - we are here to help! Sign up for a 30-minute phone appointment with a financial aid counselor to have all of your questions answered, personally. Register here!

Feel the WNE Spirit In Person

Spirit Days on Campus
Join us for a campus tour which will include the opportunity to participate in either a WOW event (What's On Wednesday) or a social event being held on a Saturday. This tour will include two families (1 student plus one additional guest) along with one of our tour guides and the social event will have the current state gathering restrictions in place. Additionally, all visitors will be required to wear a mask and maintain the standard social distance regulations of six feet throughout the tour. Please also reference the MA travel order for any additional restrictions prior to registering for a tour. We appreciate your cooperation for a safe and enjoyable experience, and look forward to seeing you soon. Click here to register!

Individual Campus Tour
We are now providing on-campus tour experiences. For the safety of you, our welcomed guests, and our WNE community, tours will be limited to one family (a total of 4 individuals, including the student) per tour and we will be limiting the buildings that we are going into for the time being. Additionally, all visitors will be required to wear a mask and maintain the standard social distance regulations of six feet throughout the tour. Please also reference the MA travel order for any additional restrictions prior to registering for a tour. We appreciate your cooperation for a safe and enjoyable experience, and look forward to seeing you soon. Click here to register!

Feel the WNE Spirit In Our Outcomes

Preparing for Your Future Career Panel
It's never too early to be thinking about your future, and the Kevin S. and Sandra E. Delbridge Career Center at Western New England University is here to help students develop professional skills and job search strategies throughout their entire college experience. From drafting your first resume to nailing a final interview, the Delbridge Career Center staff will help prepare you for every step along your career development journey. Tune into this virtual panel to learn more about how we'll help you prepare for your future career and hear from some recent alumni about how they landed where they are! Register here.

Postgraduate Opportunities Virtual Panel
Are you already thinking about graduate school? Planning to pursue medical school or law school after earning your bachelor's degree? Many students choose to continue their studies instead of immediately entering the workforce after their undergraduate experience. Tune into this virtual panel to learn about the planning and application process for a postgraduate degree! We'll be covering the many combined degree options at Western New England University designed to get you two degrees in a shortened amount of time as well as outside graduate options that our students have pursued. Register here!

Feel the WNE Spirit In Our Community

Student Involvement and Leadership Virtual Panel
You may know what you want to study, but how will you spend your time outside the classroom? What is there to do on campus? Are there things happening on weekends? Our students are ready to tell you! Learn about clubs and organizations on campus, opportunities for civic engagement and volunteering, how to develop yourself as a student leader, and more at the Student Involvement and Leadership Virtual Panel. Register here!

Diversity Programs and Services Virtual Panel

The Office of Diversity Diversity Programs and Services values and celebrates diversity as a means of enriching the the educational experiences of all students. WNE builds and encourages an inclusive environment that seeks to celebrate and utilize people's differences and similarities for self-awareness and development. Several opportunities for interaction are provided through multicultural programs, and various outreach and support services that helps students transition into college life while enhancing their academic success. To learn more about the resources available through the Office of Diversity Programs and Services, register here!

Residence Life/Commuter Experience Virtual Panel
Connecting with campus via students, faculty, and staff is often one of the most important and memorable parts of your college experience. Whether planning to live on campus or commute, you are encouraged to be an active member of our community. Join us for this panel to learn more about the experience and opportunities for both resident and commuter students. Register here!

Life as a Student Athlete at WNE Virtual Panel
As Golden Bears, the only way for us to win on the field is for us to win in the classroom. Our coaches and professors work together to help student athletes prioritize their studies, while also competing at a high level. If you've committed to playing a Division III sport here at WNE, or you're still considering the option, come to this virtual panel to learn about how our current student athletes balance schoolwork, studying, practices, and games, and the resources available to help them do so. Register here!

Transition to College Virtual Panel
During your transition to college, you'll have new experiences, new challenges, and new opportunities. Sometimes, it can be hard to adjust to so many new things at once. Here at WNE, you don't go it alone! Starting in the summer and continuing through your first year, you'll have a multitude of faculty, staff, and students helping you to make a successful transition. During this panel, you'll learn about some of the specific resources and programming available to first year students, including our Summer Orientation and Registration program (SOAR), Peer Advising, Connections Mentoring, and the Success First program. Register here!

International Student Virtual Panel
As an international student, you may have many questions about what it’s like to study at Western New England University. Join us for this virtual panel to hear from current international students at WNE about their experiences getting to the United States, transitioning to college, getting involved, and more! Our dedicated International Admissions staff will also be present to answer all of your questions. Register here!

ransfer Student Virtual Panel
Learn about the process to transfer to the Western New England community in this 30-minute brief, but informative panel. We'll cover the application process, credit evaluations, and you'll hear from current students about what to expect while transitioning to WNE. Register here!

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